Savannah, Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

At JDH Decks and Fences, we pride ourselves on the exceptional customer service we provide to all of our valued customers. We want our customers to feel cared for and attended to, so we always answer the phone and provide prompt responses. We know that reputation is everything, which is why we always show up on time and are polite and courteous at your home or business. When you work with JDH Decks and Fences, you will be able to see that we carry ourselves with dignity and respect for our customers, their homes, and their families in Savannah Georgia.

Yes, when you work with JDH Decks and Fences, you'll experience the benefits of working with a team of professional fence installers. One way we ensure our customers receive the best, strongest fence is by mixing our concrete on-site as we install your fence. Mixing the concrete on-site ensures that we always install a top-quality product and can check for the correct consistency. Other fence companies may take shortcuts like mixing concrete in the post hole, but we use our professional experience to ensure you have the strongest, longest-lasting fence possible.

We specialize in unique fence installations, including on properties with hills and uneven terrain. Our crew will run a string line from one corner fence post to another, creating a straight, even line that marks the top of the fence. Using extra-long pickets, we can install a fence that follows the contours of the ground while maintaining a level top to the fence.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our services, and this includes our quotes! We offer free, no-obligation quotes to anyone interested in installing a new fence in the Savannah Georgia area. We also offer highly competitive quotes for your fence projects, thanks to our great supplier relationships. Our fence professionals ensure that your project is managed with minimal stress from the time you receive a quote through installation!

Yes! We aim to make the fence installation process as smooth as possible for our customers. During your project, we will obtain all of the necessary permits and identify the property pins to ensure that your fence is in the right place and up to code!

We use the best gate installation techniques for all of our projects in Savannah Georgia. Our gates come standard with self-closing hinges for both safety and aesthetic purposes. Additionally, we utilize gate stops to extend the lifespan of your gate! Gate stops prevent your gate door from opening or closing too far, which can cause stress on the gate hinges, gate, and fence. This is especially important if you have a lightweight gate, like vinyl or aluminum, which is prone to swinging in the wind.

Like most outdoor improvements in the Savannah area, a new fence doesn't necessarily add value to your home, however it will add to the curb appeal and your ability to attract potential buyers in the future. It also can save you money on your homeowners insurance, depending on the policies of the company you're with. On the flip side, an old, rusty, worn-out fence can detract from the value and appeal of your home.

We are very familiar with the local pool codes in nearly every Georgia town and into South Carolina. Most of our aluminum fence styles are available in pool code level specifications, however always be sure to ask and confirm about the specific fence you want.

Definitely! Many aluminum fences that we install in Georgia and South Carolina are on sloping or uneven terrain. Our aluminum fences are rackable, meaning they are designed to follow the grade of the property without leaving any gaps.

JDH Decks & Fences uses only high quality aluminum fencing materials from ActiveYards that is built with proprietary ingenuities and will not rust. The powder coating finish will give you a strong protection that coats the metal and won't peel or flake off like other brands.

Our aluminum fences require practically no maintenance! Every now and then, it may need a gentle hose down with water or a gentle sponge with regular household cleaners if you prefer, to spruce up your fence and keep it looking new. Otherwise, you can have your aluminum fence installed and forget it!

Every installation we do comes with our workmanship warranty to cover our project work. If you have any trouble or questions at any time, you can give us a call and we will help! Our aluminum fences also come with an amazing manufacturer's warranty from ActiveYards that covers the fence material itself.

Chain link fences are a very popular and practical type of fence to install at homes and businesses across Georgia. The strong metal creates a great boundary to protect your pets and children and keep unwanted trespassing from happening.

With the options in PVC coating and privacy slats, chain link can be adjusted in the look and features you receive. Being low maintenance as well, chain link fences are a cost effective option for many Georgia property owners.

Chain link fencing in Georgia requires very little maintenance, including cleaning. The galvanized coating on your chain link fence protects it from rust and damage over time. If dirt accumulates at all, take a water hose and rinse off your fence, or use some mild household cleaners to do the job.

Chain link is a great option to satisfy pool fence requirements in many Georgia municipalities. They are strong and can be built to the right heights and coverage you need to keep small children and pets from danger. They work well for both residential or commercial properties and can even be made more private with the addition of PVC colored slats inserted into the mesh.

Each municipality may require a different type of permit, or no permit at all when it comes to installing a fence. Check with your local building code department, or give our fence team a call. We are familiar with the requirements in many local areas and are happy to help you get the permits you need when you need them.

Chain link fencing is one of the most economical types of fencing we install. Compared to other types of fencing, chain link is one of the most affordable options. Considering the low maintenance features, it can be the best option for you in affordability for the life of your fence.

Chain link fencing is an open style mesh metal fence, however, privacy slats may be added to the panels for privacy. We would consider it a semi-private option as the slats limit visibility to anyone on either side of the fence without completely blocking the view. Look into the options to discover which type will meet your Savannah property needs.

Yes, vinyl fences are a great option that works in many applications across residential as well as commercial properties in Georgia and South Carolina. It can be adjusted to meet your needs and preferences, and they stand up well to the sometimes harsh weather conditions you can experience in the region.

The cost of your vinyl fence will vary depending on the features you choose, but the cost of vinyl fencing falls in the mid-range as it compares to other types of fencing costs. Always be sure to compare the longevity, maintenance factors and other differences when you're choosing which fence is the most cost effective option for your Savannah area property.

All of the vinyl fences we install in Georgia are made by ActiveYards and come with a high quality warranty for your peace of mind. We also offer a workmanship warranty on the installation of every vinyl fence, so you can depend on us even after the job is complete!

Vinyl fencing needs hardly any maintenance throughout the life of your fence. The ingenuities of ActiveYards fences prevent color fading or rotting. The only maintenance you will need is a simple rinse with water or mild soap now and then if dirt begins to build up.

JDH Decks & Fences provide fencing installations all across the Savannah, Georgia area, North to Hilton Head, SC, South to Brunswick, GA, and West to Statesboro. If you have any questions about our service areas, reach out to our team to find out more right away. We are happy to help direct you to the fence and outdoor solutions you need.

Yes, vinyl fences from our company meet the strict codes of pool fencing across Savannah and beyond. Be sure to tell our fence experts about the specifics of what you need for your property, and we can help you find out which fence style and type is the best answer for you.

Wood fences are always a beautiful, natural option to enhance and protect your business or home in Georgia. Wood fences can be installed in a wide range of applications with options in many styles, heights, and more. When properly maintenanced, wood fences can last a long time and provide you with the privacy, style, and security you need most.

Wood fences need the most maintenance of any of the types of fences we install. When properly maintained by regular inspections of any damage or warping, wood fences will last a long time and look beautiful at your space. To best protect your wood fence, coat it with a high quality stain from JDH Decks & Fences to protect the natural material for longer. Wood fences usually need to be stained every few years to protect it the best way possible.

We can show you the best practices for maintaining your wood fence, when you speak to one of our friendly fence professionals.

Every municipality has its own rules about permits for your fencing. Give your municipality a call to find out what they require, or speak to our fence experts who are happy to help. We often help homeowners and business owners pull the permits they need before each job we do.

Properties all across the Savannah, Georgia region can benefit from wood fencing and the privacy it can create. Wood fences can be customized well to match the height, level of privacy, and style you prefer most. Whether made with horizontal or vertical board panels, wood fences are perfect for creating a private space.

Wood fencing is traditionally one of the most affordable options when it comes to fence materials. The price of lumber does fluctuate, however, and at any given time it may be a higher or lower cost. It's always best to speak to our fence professionals and find out the current situation and get estimates on the types of fences you're considering.

It is also important to factor in costs that may incur during the life of the fence over the years with maintenance and repair costs. Look at all of your options, speak to our team, and decide if wood fencing is best for you.

While the natural material of wood does not come with any manufacturer warranties, we do provide a workmanship warranty that backs the labor we do for your fence installation. We are committed to quality and are here for you when you need it!*